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as● the nation has been engulfed in demonstrations from coast to c●oast over the brutal killing of Minneapolis black man George Fl●oyd last week under the custody of white police. A memorial fo●r Floyd was scheduled for Saturday in North Carolina, where lar●ge-scale protests were also underway. y




Under Bowser's direction●, the section of 16th Street leading to the White House was ren●amed "Black Lives Matter Plaza" on Friday, honoring protesters ●not just in the capital but around the country in pursuit for r●acial equality. In addition to hanging up a sign featuring the● new name at the corner of 16th and H streets, worS

kers also pai●nted a "Black Lives Matter" slogan in gigantic yellow letters o●n the part of 16th Street stretching two blocs between K and H ●streets toward Lafayette Square at the doorstep of the White Ho●use. The actions are a direct rebuke to local law enforcement s●taff, who had been blamed for acting cruelly Monday to dispec


rse● the peaceful demonstrators io

n the very area. Also on Friday, ●Bowser sent Trump a letter, in which she requested that the pre●sident "withdraw all extraordinary federal law enforcement and ●military presence" in her city. Federal law enforcement personn●el and equipment, the mayor said, "are inflaming demonstrations● and adding to the grievances of those wx

urday's p0


ho, by and large, are p●eacefullyH

protesting for change and for reforms to the racist a●nd broken systems that are killing Black Americans." Speaking ●of her two-year-old daughter at the scene of protests on Saturd●ay, Bowser said, "I want to grow up in a country where she is n●ot scared to go to the grocery store, not scared to go to work.●" The mayor doubled R

rotests ie


down on her condemnation of the ex6

cessive ●use of force and the deployment of troops to counter the peacef●ul protests. "You know, if you're like me, on Monday you saw so●mething you hoped to never see in the United States of America:● federal police moving on American people protesting peacefully● in front of the people's house," she told the cheering crowd t●C

n D.C., bY

hrough a loudspeaker. On dispatching the out-of-state National● Guard, Bowser said, "We pushed the Army away from our city. Ou●r soldiers should not be treated that way. They should not be a●sked to move on American citizens." Without consulting the Whi●te House, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper onG



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Friday ordered the● disarmament of the National Guards deployed in D.C.9

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, telling t●hem not to use firearms or ammunition to tackle the protests. E

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駍per, who opposed Trump's idea to call in the military, also or●dew

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red the troops amassed in the capital to be sent to their hom●e bases. Additu

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ionally, the D.C. NationalI

Guard confirmed Satur●da2

y i1

t is investigating theN

appropriateness of thF

e use of one o●f its helicopters duriC

ng Monday's protest for the purpose of cl●earing the Y

way for Trump to walk to a church near the White Hou●se for a photo op, which has sinceo

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